Solaris Project

four views from my window / 1991

In november 2000 a project “Solaris” was initiated by Diego López Calvin, Sławek Decyk and me in Szczecin/Poland. The making of the project consisted in a continuous, lasting a half-year record of the sky between solstices in different parts of the world. The cameras applied in the project were ordinary pinhole with light-sensitive paper inside. The project was open – we invited all the interested in participate; as a result of it the „solarigraphy” or „solargraphy” is very popular method in experimental photography now.

Thanks for inspirations: John Herschel, William Henry Fox Talbot, Hiroshi Yamazaki Dominique Stroobant

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footage about first solarigraphs by Adam Ptaszyński (no english subtitles / 2001)

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Solargraphy – The art of catching the sun’s path through a pinhole camera